5 Reasons To Download MyDriveTour App

  1. With the MyDriveTour App, you can download your preferred tour (or all of them at a hugely reduced rate!) and sit back in the comfort of your own home, while “Virtually” doing your chosen tour during the planning process of coming to Ireland! There will often be “Learn More” links to the best excursion sites where you can go ahead and purchase tickets, check out opening hours, etc.
  2. Our Pre-Prepared tours will populate your preferred phone mapping app, offering turn-by-turn navigation to get you to our recommended must-see, and hidden gem locations! The tours can be done in the recommended rotation (usually the most efficient route) or you can select how many locations that you would prefer! We have helped you here by marking the most important stops (In our opinion) with a green map pin.
  3. Geo-fencing technology gives you Automatic Tourist Audio as you approach your destination!
  4. Multi Lingual! Our App is available in 10 languages!
  5. Cost! This is a very cost-effective product for what it contains! Download the app for free on Apple or Google and start planning your next great Irish Adventure!
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