virtual tour guide

Welcome to – The new website partner for our, soon-to-be-released, groundbreaking app – MyDriveTour! We will soon (in a couple of weeks!) be launching this amazing app, that will be your very own, pocket, virtual tour guide / sat nav! You will be able to download it for free on Apple and Android (or on our website!) Once downloaded, you can purchase any one of (or all) our listed tours that will populate your chosen phone map!

Take a trip through the highways and byways of Ireland and have us guide you to the best must-see locations! Our state-of-the-art Geo-fencing technology will automatically start at appointed intervals so you can sit back and enjoy the ride! Some of the major locations will also have integrated links where you can click to learn more information, book tickets, or book accommodation!

Have a browse at our initial list of tours at (not available for sale until app launch) to whet your appetite! We will be adding tours, updating tours, and adding other useful content over time.

Watch this space! We will announce when the app goes live!